The beauty of a rescued dog

Animals are the noblest beings I have ever known, they have a free and pure soul and this puppy whose name is «bold» is the living essence that in life not everything is lost and that, although sometimes we think that everything is finished for us is always going to happen something, we will run […]

Dead leaves (photographs)

The simple things in life make us rethink that a large studio and huge lamps are not necessarily needed to obtain fabulous photos. In this installment I show you my amateur photos of a tour of my house, where nature gave me material for the photographs below. Yes, a simple leaf, with a yellow color […]

The forest was present in Rio Claro, Barquisimeto.

I want to tell you that I took a few days and enjoy the benefits of nature. It is a good, beautiful and cheap hobby. I came across something new, and it was the first time that I was touring that area and I think it is not even touristy. The coolest thing of all […]