Food Limitations (Eating «Without» Something)

If it’s about limitations, we can list some of the reasons why people start limiting their diets. Either because of health issues or because of religion itself, even in many cases out of obligation and not because they want to. The point is that somehow, we are limited and forced to read with a magnifying glass the ingredients of some products we consume, the important thing is to know what each type of food is and where to find alternatives that do not turn it into something boring for your palate.


Many are the cases in which an unexpected diagnosis of health is what makes you change your lifestyle to the point of being involved in the part of the food and where they see as something extremely fatal food limitations rather than the disease itself. Abandoning your tastes overnight is a tremendous shock, but you can handle it if you face it little by little, with a lot of patience and making use of a great ally such as technology.

You can investigate that there are many ways to feed yourself healthily, suppressing some ingredients and without giving up delicious meals. In this post, I will detail diets that fit any pocket anywhere in the world.


Welcome to Stevia.

If you are a patient with diabetes or have a relative with this disease, Stevia is a great option to sweeten your food and not take risks.

Nowadays there is a sea of alternatives for those interested in healthy things or at least a little less chemical than what we are used to. These alternatives include Stevia-based sweeteners of plant origin in which no adverse effects have been found, and which are healthier than common sweeteners. 

If you want to investigate further and not only with the subject of sweeteners, we recommend you visit the website of specialized pages that offer a wide variety of sugar-free recipes, where desserts and sweets are not banished from your diet. On the contrary, you can get a lot of recommendations based on fructose or the incorporation of ingredients that you thought you could not add to any recipe, such as chocolate (the darker it is, the less sugar it has) or pure cocoa has made it possible for people with diabetes to eat such delicious desserts, without affecting their health.


It’s time to make peace with gluten.

The gluten-free diets are among the strictest because you must be strictly careful about the labels of products because the vast majority of these have, even if it is in lesser quantity this protein.

In many countries, we see how gluten-free products are having a big impact on the market and there is a public that is gradually growing and educating itself on the matter that is not necessarily a public that is intolerant to gluten, only that they want to consume products without that protein.

For countries not so favored with such market policies as Venezuela, where almost no one is familiar with this diet I leave you a website where you can see in detail some recipes and tips that will help you a lot.

Following the same order of ideas, many are unaware that this famous diet is initially recommended for patients with celiac condition, but now almost anyone can follow it as well.

To verify in detail, I bring you an incredible video that explains it in more detail and by a professional:


Vegan Diet

Of all diets is the most fashionable currently, but the strictest of all not to consume substances of animal origin, including dairy, eggs, meats, as well as animal mucositis such as honey.

Although we also see a slope of veganism that is inclined to not as strict as vegetarian ovo-dairy (if they consume eggs and milk, but do not have in their diet the meat included), dairy vegetarian, among other types of vegans not so vegan.

This diet is characterized by the imagination that your diners may have to obtain the proteins they are no longer consuming from other foods in which they are currently going to consume. It is a struggle they have been trying to win for many years and we see that they are heading in the right direction if they are properly advised by a qualified nutritionist for these indications.

For this option, you can also explore in networks such as Pinterest, where you will never get bored of seeing the very nutritious vegan recipes, they have so that this way you include them in your daily recipes.




In conclusion, whichever diet you wish to start, whether for illness or for pleasure, ideally, you should understand that creativity and patience are the keys to success.


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