Criticism of: «El Camino», The good, The bad and The ugly (Spoiler)

I think all the Breaking Bad fans (myself included) were thrilled when Netflix announced that they were going to make a film from that very successful series. They even started a promotional campaign that carried the countdown to the premiere that filled the fans with a lot of anxiety and great expectations.

It is important to remember that Breaking Bad is considered to date one of the best series of the time.

The expectation for the movie «El Camino» was so great that even the fans became «Hater» because they refused to accept that they would give it continuity at the end of Breaking Bad claiming that Netflix was only going to ruin things. But great news came and that is that the same director of that great series was going to direct the film, so it was an equation that in most cases Netflix never counts:

Invested Money + Cutting Edge Technology + Great Screenplay + Great Direction = Excellent Movie

If you’ve already reached this point, I recommend that, if you haven’t seen the film, stop reading this post because I will begin to give the criticism and it will be a safe spoiler.


Come on, I warned you, now let’s read the review!


The good

It was time to give way to the story of Jesse Pinkman and the much-talked-about question of «What happened to the kid?»

I understand that he was a character hated by the great majority, but I thought it was masterful the way they made that recalcitrant character mature, so much so that we came to understand the reason why he made all those wrong decisions in the series.

Aaron Paul demonstrated once again his acting ability, by showing us the Jessi Pinkman of today and showing us in a flashback the Jessi Pinkman who went with Heisenberg to cook goal and who did not get lost in the two-time lines, thus giving us a wink to his typical phrases like:

 «Bitch, I asked you a direct question, I expect a direct answer.

Relying on the stories of the past was phenomenal to give momentum to the story, we were all excited to see certain characters that were very loved and also hated. Although, the best of all and the one we didn’t see until the end was Mr. Walter White who in his few minutes on the screen came to reaffirm that he was the one wearing the pants in that plot and as always saved everything.

Here I leave you part of your transformation for this iconic role:



In the film we see how the script was not as the protagonist as in the series, we see rather as the staging of the main actor and photography were those who played a big role and hit the target betting on the risky. It goes without saying that the direction was impeccable as always coming from Vince Gilligan, a great producer, and director.

So thank you Mr.Gilligan for filling us with nostalgia to return us to Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemons, Matt L. Jones, and the beloved and everlasting love of Jessie Miss Krysten Ritter.


The Bad

As not everything is pink in life, we must also highlight some things that were not good and is that we can start by saying that the film is not aimed at all audiences, and is that the fact of being a continuation of a series already limits a little in terms of audience, and if we add the fact that it was a series of 6 years ago that is comprised of 5 seasons of more than 6 chapters each you will realize that it will not have the same impact as other good films Netflix.


The Ugly


Yes, this character got all the attention due to his incredible physical change and is that while we see how to begin to tell the story of when Jessie was a prisoner of Tod and his uncle the most logical way to respect as much as possible the style of that character. But well, it does not discriminate the great performance of Jesse Plemons playing Tod again, but it is even considered a lack of respect for the lack of seriousness on the part of the actor not to lose weight.

I think most of them stopped paying attention to the plot and were more concentrated seeing the great stature of Plemons.


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