The beauty of a rescued dog

Animals are the noblest beings I have ever known, they have a free and pure soul and this puppy whose name is «bold» is the living essence that in life not everything is lost and that, although sometimes we think that everything is finished for us is always going to happen something, we will run into something or better said with someone so that our history takes another direction.

This dog was rescued from a home where she was mistreated from a puppy, so the house where she now resides is given much love, understanding, and peace. Despite some psychological sequels (yes, dogs also suffer from that) is a very faithful bitch to its owner, always attentive to what she does or where she goes, and above all things is a dog that takes care of the house despite its small size.

Every so often I see her, and she is always very playful with me so I took the opportunity and I could take some photos to show them to you.

Her coat is quite abundant and jet black, her eyes are also confused with the night and her lush tail reminds me of a palm tree.

The nobility of an animal, in this case, a dog, is incomparable to something.

Let’s always be loving with whatever kind of species we come across!

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