Fit Food

We invite you to discover what it means to indulge in healthy eating.


On the internet you will get countless writings about what to eat; diets come and go through social networks and much speculation among coaches, but it will always be necessary to visit the specialists. Starting from the principle that what we are physically we owe it to what we eat.

Nutritionists play a great role and if you add to this physical training you can achieve a great balance between looking good and feeling good.

We must understand that health is paramount in life and that the years do not pass in vain for the body so we must begin to see it as our temple, so we must take care of it as such.

Among the aspects of nutrition is the branch of the fitness that by this time has become very popular among the masses and more and more people are making inroads into this and turn it into a lifestyle that should adopt all those who yearn to be well.

Specialist recommendations:

1. The first thing to keep in mind is that this is not a diet.

Don’t wait for a miracle to happen in a week, this is a long-term process.

3. Understand what it means to indulge in food.

4. Not everything tasty is junk food.

5. Metabolic potentials can be achieved naturally.

If you want to see good results you should start with healthy eating every day, this way, in the end, you will do better. When you succeed in raising your metabolic potential, you protect yourself from the so-called «rebound effect» when you «indulge in some not-so-healthy foods.

The fit diet is nothing more than talking about healthy food whose taste does not have to be precisely unpleasant and unsavory because you can perfectly dress and season these foods. The key is to be moderate with everything and get a perfect balance.

Diets are not for everyone equally, the main mistake that most of us make is to ask a friend or gemmate what their diet is, and immediately adopt it, without even knowing if it suits us or not. This is often counterproductive. To avoid this it is recommended to have an orientation from a food specialist who can give you precise instructions, without having to adopt the routine of another person and less without supervision as it can cause the body to decompose due to a lack of some nutrient.

Some tips to consider in a Fit lifestyle:

– Fruits at breakfast and after exercise are key pieces.

– If you want to build muscle every meal must be accompanied by the same amount of animal protein.

– It is normal that if you work during the day you have to train at night so for that type of night training, it is recommended that they eat some carbohydrates and fruits so they do not lose muscle tone.

– Eat 5 or 6 times a day.

– The ratio of animal protein between men and women and different, so your nutritional specialist should be quite specific with this.

What if we’re vegetarians?

This always afflicts people who do not want to eat any kind of animal meat, but for them also space in the world fit, and there are many alternatives such as egg whites and mushrooms, even very funny and creative combinations with grains make a good balance. 

There are also many proteins on the market, and the people who train always choose the one that best suits their requirements, these are good to take at breakfast with a portion of fruit, or after training.

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