Adrenaline on wheels

Everything you need to know about pedaling

One of the activities that most of us learned to do from an early age, after eating and jumping, was to get on a bicycle.

Quite a few stayed, I can assure you, although many others have made the sport of pedals a way of life. In this post, I bring you the details and different variants that the mountain bike currently has. This is your own «bicycle bible».

Mountain Bike

Discover all the possibilities offered by mountain biking today, from long journeys exploring mountains, jungles, and deserts, to dizzying downhill descents and bold BMX acrobatics. Can you imagine pedaling through muddy roads full of stones, going up and down the slopes of the mountains, through forests, jungles, and deserts? This is a mountain bike.

Known all over the world as Mountain Bike or BTT (all-terrain bike), it is the ideal vehicle to explore our world, to live great adventures and to obtain great personal satisfaction when completing the exciting routes.

Cross Country

All the modalities of the mountain bike are mixed. It consists of completing an exciting route with ups and downs in all types of terrain; the routes can be as long as you want them, from beginner to advanced level, where long distances are covered.

Sometimes the journeys last days and days, going up and down the mountains. This is the best way to discover a country or a region, as you can carry all the camping equipment or if you hire an organized trip, the agency takes care of carrying a support vehicle with water, food, refractions, first aid kit, etc..

The terrain can be extreme, where sometimes – when the terrain prevents you from pedaling – you have to carry your bike on your back, for hours, overcoming all kinds of obstacles, whether crossing a river, rappel down a cliff with your bike or climb a snowy mountain, to later take another road or trail.


A Kamikaze Adventure

It is very fast and quite risky; it is the downhill, the most dangerous version of the mountain bike.

If we detail its name we can realize that it leaves a lot to imagine, since this modality consists of descending in bicycle as fast as possible by the slope of a mountain, the sportsmen who practice this sport reach speeds of up to 60 Km per hour, overcoming truly unusual obstacles as everything that the nature puts in your way. This is a discipline that requires great physical capacity, makes you enter a state of frenetic when you go downhill, where the adrenaline runs in bulk, and those in charge of carrying out this sport are exposed to hard falls, and even fractures.


It is one of the most radical versions on two wheels; this acrobatic sport was born in the ’70s in the USA and consists of running eliminations-or heats-in groups of eight runners on a dirt track similar to that of motocross races. This track is full of obstacles, ramps, raised curves, tops, and earth humps; each obstacle section has different names: camels, doubles, triples, singles, and rhythmic sections.

The bikes used are smaller than mountain bikes; however, these have the characteristics of cross country and street bikes.

The runners use impressive aerial acrobatics, crossing the track at full speed and practically flying over its surface with jumps of ramps in ramp; in each jump acrobatic movements are carried out to obtain points like: turns of 360 degrees, loosening of the handlebars, leaving the feet out of the pedals, putting the bicycle in the air or throwing it forward. Each acrobatics has its curious name like:

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  • Superman
  • Can Can
  • Abubaca
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  • Table top

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