Northern Lights: Nature’s Shows

Among the most peculiar phenomena that exist in the world, there is this astronomical wonder reserved for a few. Very specifically we are talking about the inhabitants of Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Iceland, northern Siberia and northern Scandinavia who have the joy of having this great tourist attraction that nature itself offers them.

Every year the sun has different intensities in terms of its activity within its cycle, which is going to leave as a result that the intensity of the phenomenon is greater or lesser, very particularly between the specific period of the year.

The name «aurora borealis» is given to the aurora of the northern hemisphere, while that of the southern hemisphere is called «austral». If we talk a little bit of history we can get reflected that the French scientist Pierre Gassemdi in 1621 was the first one who could make the first systematic observation of the first-mentioned phenomenon, while the southern auroras were discovered by Captain James Cook one hundred years later in 1773 in the Indian Ocean.


Speaking of science…

Everything in this world has a great demonstrable scientific explanation for why auroras are not left out because they are produced when streams of charged particles of ions, protons, and electrons come to earth directly from the sun (that is why the above-mentioned solar activity is so important) known as solar wind. When this happens, the collision of gases in the ionosphere (the part of the Earth’s atmosphere that surrounds the Earth by up to 100km) produces the brightness we know as the aurora.

It can be seen that these auroras have an appearance of curtains of color that can be seen with the naked eye at the magnetic (non-geographic) North Pole, which encompasses some of the countries already mentioned.


CURIOUS FACT: Auroras do not only occur on the planet Earth, they can also be seen on other planets of the solar system such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars itself.


The different colors that the auroras can have or the degradation of them is due to the atmospheric conditions of the planet, but also the form in which they appear is varied. Auroras can be observed in the form of waves, spirals and even verticals and they can change their shape from night to dawn and the colors will be determined by the concentrations of oxygen, nitrogen and helium molecules.

Oxygen = green and yellow

Nitrogen = blue and violet

Helium molecules = Red and Purple


Aurora Hunters

There are certain groups of astronomers dedicated to traveling the world and capturing these types of phenomena. You can even access them for free through some websites to observe from the telescope network to see certain astronomical events such as eclipses and others.

This specific group is led by Miguel Serra-Ricart, from the Instituto de Astrophysical de Canarias (IAC).

Here I am going to leave you the web so you can marvel:


Food Limitations (Eating «Without» Something)

If it’s about limitations, we can list some of the reasons why people start limiting their diets. Either because of health issues or because of religion itself, even in many cases out of obligation and not because they want to. The point is that somehow, we are limited and forced to read with a magnifying glass the ingredients of some products we consume, the important thing is to know what each type of food is and where to find alternatives that do not turn it into something boring for your palate.


Many are the cases in which an unexpected diagnosis of health is what makes you change your lifestyle to the point of being involved in the part of the food and where they see as something extremely fatal food limitations rather than the disease itself. Abandoning your tastes overnight is a tremendous shock, but you can handle it if you face it little by little, with a lot of patience and making use of a great ally such as technology.

You can investigate that there are many ways to feed yourself healthily, suppressing some ingredients and without giving up delicious meals. In this post, I will detail diets that fit any pocket anywhere in the world.


Welcome to Stevia.

If you are a patient with diabetes or have a relative with this disease, Stevia is a great option to sweeten your food and not take risks.

Nowadays there is a sea of alternatives for those interested in healthy things or at least a little less chemical than what we are used to. These alternatives include Stevia-based sweeteners of plant origin in which no adverse effects have been found, and which are healthier than common sweeteners. 

If you want to investigate further and not only with the subject of sweeteners, we recommend you visit the website of specialized pages that offer a wide variety of sugar-free recipes, where desserts and sweets are not banished from your diet. On the contrary, you can get a lot of recommendations based on fructose or the incorporation of ingredients that you thought you could not add to any recipe, such as chocolate (the darker it is, the less sugar it has) or pure cocoa has made it possible for people with diabetes to eat such delicious desserts, without affecting their health.


It’s time to make peace with gluten.

The gluten-free diets are among the strictest because you must be strictly careful about the labels of products because the vast majority of these have, even if it is in lesser quantity this protein.

In many countries, we see how gluten-free products are having a big impact on the market and there is a public that is gradually growing and educating itself on the matter that is not necessarily a public that is intolerant to gluten, only that they want to consume products without that protein.

For countries not so favored with such market policies as Venezuela, where almost no one is familiar with this diet I leave you a website where you can see in detail some recipes and tips that will help you a lot.

Following the same order of ideas, many are unaware that this famous diet is initially recommended for patients with celiac condition, but now almost anyone can follow it as well.

To verify in detail, I bring you an incredible video that explains it in more detail and by a professional:


Vegan Diet

Of all diets is the most fashionable currently, but the strictest of all not to consume substances of animal origin, including dairy, eggs, meats, as well as animal mucositis such as honey.

Although we also see a slope of veganism that is inclined to not as strict as vegetarian ovo-dairy (if they consume eggs and milk, but do not have in their diet the meat included), dairy vegetarian, among other types of vegans not so vegan.

This diet is characterized by the imagination that your diners may have to obtain the proteins they are no longer consuming from other foods in which they are currently going to consume. It is a struggle they have been trying to win for many years and we see that they are heading in the right direction if they are properly advised by a qualified nutritionist for these indications.

For this option, you can also explore in networks such as Pinterest, where you will never get bored of seeing the very nutritious vegan recipes, they have so that this way you include them in your daily recipes.




In conclusion, whichever diet you wish to start, whether for illness or for pleasure, ideally, you should understand that creativity and patience are the keys to success.


Criticism of: «El Camino», The good, The bad and The ugly (Spoiler)

I think all the Breaking Bad fans (myself included) were thrilled when Netflix announced that they were going to make a film from that very successful series. They even started a promotional campaign that carried the countdown to the premiere that filled the fans with a lot of anxiety and great expectations.

It is important to remember that Breaking Bad is considered to date one of the best series of the time.

The expectation for the movie «El Camino» was so great that even the fans became «Hater» because they refused to accept that they would give it continuity at the end of Breaking Bad claiming that Netflix was only going to ruin things. But great news came and that is that the same director of that great series was going to direct the film, so it was an equation that in most cases Netflix never counts:

Invested Money + Cutting Edge Technology + Great Screenplay + Great Direction = Excellent Movie

If you’ve already reached this point, I recommend that, if you haven’t seen the film, stop reading this post because I will begin to give the criticism and it will be a safe spoiler.


Come on, I warned you, now let’s read the review!


The good

It was time to give way to the story of Jesse Pinkman and the much-talked-about question of «What happened to the kid?»

I understand that he was a character hated by the great majority, but I thought it was masterful the way they made that recalcitrant character mature, so much so that we came to understand the reason why he made all those wrong decisions in the series.

Aaron Paul demonstrated once again his acting ability, by showing us the Jessi Pinkman of today and showing us in a flashback the Jessi Pinkman who went with Heisenberg to cook goal and who did not get lost in the two-time lines, thus giving us a wink to his typical phrases like:

 «Bitch, I asked you a direct question, I expect a direct answer.

Relying on the stories of the past was phenomenal to give momentum to the story, we were all excited to see certain characters that were very loved and also hated. Although, the best of all and the one we didn’t see until the end was Mr. Walter White who in his few minutes on the screen came to reaffirm that he was the one wearing the pants in that plot and as always saved everything.

Here I leave you part of your transformation for this iconic role:



In the film we see how the script was not as the protagonist as in the series, we see rather as the staging of the main actor and photography were those who played a big role and hit the target betting on the risky. It goes without saying that the direction was impeccable as always coming from Vince Gilligan, a great producer, and director.

So thank you Mr.Gilligan for filling us with nostalgia to return us to Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Banks, Jesse Plemons, Matt L. Jones, and the beloved and everlasting love of Jessie Miss Krysten Ritter.


The Bad

As not everything is pink in life, we must also highlight some things that were not good and is that we can start by saying that the film is not aimed at all audiences, and is that the fact of being a continuation of a series already limits a little in terms of audience, and if we add the fact that it was a series of 6 years ago that is comprised of 5 seasons of more than 6 chapters each you will realize that it will not have the same impact as other good films Netflix.


The Ugly


Yes, this character got all the attention due to his incredible physical change and is that while we see how to begin to tell the story of when Jessie was a prisoner of Tod and his uncle the most logical way to respect as much as possible the style of that character. But well, it does not discriminate the great performance of Jesse Plemons playing Tod again, but it is even considered a lack of respect for the lack of seriousness on the part of the actor not to lose weight.

I think most of them stopped paying attention to the plot and were more concentrated seeing the great stature of Plemons.


The beauty of a rescued dog

Animals are the noblest beings I have ever known, they have a free and pure soul and this puppy whose name is «bold» is the living essence that in life not everything is lost and that, although sometimes we think that everything is finished for us is always going to happen something, we will run into something or better said with someone so that our history takes another direction.

This dog was rescued from a home where she was mistreated from a puppy, so the house where she now resides is given much love, understanding, and peace. Despite some psychological sequels (yes, dogs also suffer from that) is a very faithful bitch to its owner, always attentive to what she does or where she goes, and above all things is a dog that takes care of the house despite its small size.

Every so often I see her, and she is always very playful with me so I took the opportunity and I could take some photos to show them to you.

Her coat is quite abundant and jet black, her eyes are also confused with the night and her lush tail reminds me of a palm tree.

The nobility of an animal, in this case, a dog, is incomparable to something.

Let’s always be loving with whatever kind of species we come across!

Fit Food

We invite you to discover what it means to indulge in healthy eating.


On the internet you will get countless writings about what to eat; diets come and go through social networks and much speculation among coaches, but it will always be necessary to visit the specialists. Starting from the principle that what we are physically we owe it to what we eat.

Nutritionists play a great role and if you add to this physical training you can achieve a great balance between looking good and feeling good.

We must understand that health is paramount in life and that the years do not pass in vain for the body so we must begin to see it as our temple, so we must take care of it as such.

Among the aspects of nutrition is the branch of the fitness that by this time has become very popular among the masses and more and more people are making inroads into this and turn it into a lifestyle that should adopt all those who yearn to be well.

Specialist recommendations:

1. The first thing to keep in mind is that this is not a diet.

Don’t wait for a miracle to happen in a week, this is a long-term process.

3. Understand what it means to indulge in food.

4. Not everything tasty is junk food.

5. Metabolic potentials can be achieved naturally.

If you want to see good results you should start with healthy eating every day, this way, in the end, you will do better. When you succeed in raising your metabolic potential, you protect yourself from the so-called «rebound effect» when you «indulge in some not-so-healthy foods.

The fit diet is nothing more than talking about healthy food whose taste does not have to be precisely unpleasant and unsavory because you can perfectly dress and season these foods. The key is to be moderate with everything and get a perfect balance.

Diets are not for everyone equally, the main mistake that most of us make is to ask a friend or gemmate what their diet is, and immediately adopt it, without even knowing if it suits us or not. This is often counterproductive. To avoid this it is recommended to have an orientation from a food specialist who can give you precise instructions, without having to adopt the routine of another person and less without supervision as it can cause the body to decompose due to a lack of some nutrient.

Some tips to consider in a Fit lifestyle:

– Fruits at breakfast and after exercise are key pieces.

– If you want to build muscle every meal must be accompanied by the same amount of animal protein.

– It is normal that if you work during the day you have to train at night so for that type of night training, it is recommended that they eat some carbohydrates and fruits so they do not lose muscle tone.

– Eat 5 or 6 times a day.

– The ratio of animal protein between men and women and different, so your nutritional specialist should be quite specific with this.

What if we’re vegetarians?

This always afflicts people who do not want to eat any kind of animal meat, but for them also space in the world fit, and there are many alternatives such as egg whites and mushrooms, even very funny and creative combinations with grains make a good balance. 

There are also many proteins on the market, and the people who train always choose the one that best suits their requirements, these are good to take at breakfast with a portion of fruit, or after training.

Discovering Venezuelan Gastronomy

To begin this gastronomic adventure we will walk through the bread and ovens of each specific region. A post that will keep an eye on the different types of bread that are made in some areas of the national territory of this country, recording some emblematic stories and something more.

First Stop: Bolívar State

In this state, it is very normal that the people with the best seasoning are of indigenous origin, and the bakeries know that fact and take advantage of it very well.

For those who prefer to be their bosses and open their bakery at home most have rudimentary wood ovens that at first only gave to make a single type of bread. With time, experience and profits evolved things, to the point of buying power plants for areas that did not even reach electricity.

The most popular bread in this state is the so-called «soft bread» or «Colombian bread», which consists of the bread of 175 grams, where the dough is salty but has a very soft coating, that’s where it derives its name.

In the capital of the country, they call it «Andean bread».

Second Stop: Merida State

Some inhabitants still have hydraulic stone mills, which they use to convert the wheat produced in the area into artisanal flour. You can get them with mills up to 200 years old.

Mérida has an infinity of very nice villages that seem to have been frozen in time and were working the land and living from agriculture is its premise, which is why handcrafted milling is considered a tradition.

On the other side of Mérida, more specifically in Tovar, you can taste the Tovareño bread, which is so famous that the people of the capital know it and want to take it immediately.

Third Stop: Sucre State

In this state, we see how flavors, recipes, and dishes from other nearby islands make themselves felt here. Many of the dishes we know today entered Venezuela through Güiria from the Trinidad until reaching the Callao, the Orinoco Delta, even extended throughout the Guayana massif.

For the state of Sucre, they have made for decades a bread that has derived in several versions: fried, baked,  in some cases, is made with coconut milk instead of water. Some of these bread are filled to taste and many people call them «toad mouth», they are very famous in the Ciudad Bolivar market.

Fourth stop: Lara State.

The «acemas tocuyanas» are the great protagonists and you can get them almost anywhere in the locale territory, from bakeries or bodegones to artisan places, although you can not underestimate the great quality of Larense gastronomy in all aspects.

The people of this region consume a lot of sweet bread in all the artisan presentations that are made. This is where the tunja bread comes in, also known as «bread of Aguadagrande», which we can observe as its original recipe is kept with great suspicion and passes from generation to generation.

Fifth stop: Amazonas State.

In Venezuela, commonly, everyone eats cassava, but many do not know where it comes from. This type of bread has been marketed at such a high level that it has even been exported, having great nutritional properties.

Being a derivative of the bitter yucca, the proper extraction of the yare is done and the final elaboration that we all know continues.

For exotic palates, this recipe of bitter yucca is made but adding lemon ants and manioc scab.

Adrenaline on wheels

Everything you need to know about pedaling

One of the activities that most of us learned to do from an early age, after eating and jumping, was to get on a bicycle.

Quite a few stayed, I can assure you, although many others have made the sport of pedals a way of life. In this post, I bring you the details and different variants that the mountain bike currently has. This is your own «bicycle bible».

Mountain Bike

Discover all the possibilities offered by mountain biking today, from long journeys exploring mountains, jungles, and deserts, to dizzying downhill descents and bold BMX acrobatics. Can you imagine pedaling through muddy roads full of stones, going up and down the slopes of the mountains, through forests, jungles, and deserts? This is a mountain bike.

Known all over the world as Mountain Bike or BTT (all-terrain bike), it is the ideal vehicle to explore our world, to live great adventures and to obtain great personal satisfaction when completing the exciting routes.

Cross Country

All the modalities of the mountain bike are mixed. It consists of completing an exciting route with ups and downs in all types of terrain; the routes can be as long as you want them, from beginner to advanced level, where long distances are covered.

Sometimes the journeys last days and days, going up and down the mountains. This is the best way to discover a country or a region, as you can carry all the camping equipment or if you hire an organized trip, the agency takes care of carrying a support vehicle with water, food, refractions, first aid kit, etc..

The terrain can be extreme, where sometimes – when the terrain prevents you from pedaling – you have to carry your bike on your back, for hours, overcoming all kinds of obstacles, whether crossing a river, rappel down a cliff with your bike or climb a snowy mountain, to later take another road or trail.


A Kamikaze Adventure

It is very fast and quite risky; it is the downhill, the most dangerous version of the mountain bike.

If we detail its name we can realize that it leaves a lot to imagine, since this modality consists of descending in bicycle as fast as possible by the slope of a mountain, the sportsmen who practice this sport reach speeds of up to 60 Km per hour, overcoming truly unusual obstacles as everything that the nature puts in your way. This is a discipline that requires great physical capacity, makes you enter a state of frenetic when you go downhill, where the adrenaline runs in bulk, and those in charge of carrying out this sport are exposed to hard falls, and even fractures.


It is one of the most radical versions on two wheels; this acrobatic sport was born in the ’70s in the USA and consists of running eliminations-or heats-in groups of eight runners on a dirt track similar to that of motocross races. This track is full of obstacles, ramps, raised curves, tops, and earth humps; each obstacle section has different names: camels, doubles, triples, singles, and rhythmic sections.

The bikes used are smaller than mountain bikes; however, these have the characteristics of cross country and street bikes.

The runners use impressive aerial acrobatics, crossing the track at full speed and practically flying over its surface with jumps of ramps in ramp; in each jump acrobatic movements are carried out to obtain points like: turns of 360 degrees, loosening of the handlebars, leaving the feet out of the pedals, putting the bicycle in the air or throwing it forward. Each acrobatics has its curious name like:

  • No footer
  • Superman
  • Can Can
  • Abubaca
  • No handler
  • Table top

Añádele diversión al sexo

En éste post te traigo unas sorprendentes revelaciones sobre las relaciones íntimas que te ayudarán para convertirte en un mejor amante; más hábil, sensible, y comunicativo. Y lo más importante de todo es que ambas partes disfruten por igual del ritual íntimo.

Si en algo estamos de acuerdo contigo es en que no es fácil ser un buen amante. Ni mucho menos es algo que se consiga rápidamente. El es considerado para muchos un arte amatorio, y se aprende poco a poco; se construye en la relación del día a día con tu pareja, y se fortalece mientras más comunicación exista entre los dos. Vamos a darte unas sugerencias para mejorar ese diálogo íntimo con tu mujer. El camino que deben seguir para expresar sin reservas sus fantasías sexuales. Y la manera de corregir los errores, actitudes, y mitos que afectan su satisfacción en la alcoba.

Restaurar el diálogo íntimo con tu pareja

El problema más común que tienen las parejas hoy día es la poca comunicación. Si tú y tu pareja no se llevan bien en la sala o en la cocina, es muy poco probable que se diviertan en la recámara. La formación del deseo depende en gran medida de lo que pasa no sólo en el momento antes de decidir hacer el amor, sino en todas las horas y días que preceden al interludio sexual. La buena intimidad erótica debe surgir de una progresiva proximidad no sexual, tanto psicológica como física.

Entérate Qué La Haría Más Feliz En La Cama

En un diálogo abierto con tu pareja puedes darte cuenta realmente de cómo prodigarle una mayor satisfacción en el sexo. Tienes que estar preparado, porque la misma naturalidad e inmediatez con la que te conteste puede dejarte pasmado.

Imagina que te responde que le gustaría que te pongas de rodillas y le hagas el sexo oral (hasta ahí no tienes ningún problema), pero quiere hacerlo concretamente… ¡Debajo de la mesa de un restaurante! Obviamente te inquieta que la escena atraiga la atención de la gerencia e incluso de los comensales a tu alrededor. Pero siempre hay maneras.

Puede que te pida jugar juego de roles o una simple petición de para besarla apropiadamente en diez puntos sensibles de su cuerpo, cosa que no te costará ningún trabajo; ni físico, ni emocional, ni social. Cuando ella tenga el dominio sexual, entonces invariablemente se le ocurrirá algo interesante, imaginativo y erótico que pueda ponerte en un predicamento para tu desempeño en la intimidad. Pero tú eres un hombre que posee todas las armas para convertir un momento crítico menor en un beneficio sexual mayor, y puedes hacer de sus fantasías una realidad, aplicando estas sugerencias:

  • Simúlala: Existen lugares especializados en recrear fantasías sexuales para clientes muy desinhibidos. Pero tú puedes hacerlo en casa. Arregla el comedor, crea el ambiente propicio con unas cuantas velas, y pretende que están en el escenario que ella desea para su fantasía.
  • Dialógalo: Ella necesita que le describas la acción. Pueden estar en un tren, rodeados por hombres de negocios. Denle rienda suelta a su imaginación y lleven sus fantasías al límite.
  • Usa refuerzos: Puedes alquilar un uniforme de policía e interceptarla en su auto camino al trabajo. La detienes para pedirle su licencia y la multas por exceso de velocidad. Tendrá que pagar un alto precio… contigo.

Hojas muertas (fotografías)

Las cosas simples de la vida nos hacen repensar que un estudio grande con lámparas enormes no son estrictamente necesarios para obtener fotos fabulosas.


En esta entrega, les muestro mis fotos amateur de un recorrido por mi casa, donde la naturaleza me dio material para las fotografías a continuación.

Sí, una hoja simple, con un color amarillo que ya abarcó la totalidad de ella.

Anunciando que su tiempo de vida ya ha alcanzado su límite.

Su permanencia en el suelo no es más que el símbolo de un ciclo completado y otro que comienza.


La naturaleza y sus cosas.


Es tan perfecto que muchos no lo entienden.




Todas las fotos fueron tomadas por mí, con mi teléfono celular SAMSUNG J7 Prime

Dead leaves (photographs)

The simple things in life make us rethink that a large studio and huge lamps are not necessarily needed to obtain fabulous photos.

In this installment I show you my amateur photos of a tour of my house, where nature gave me material for the photographs below.

Yes, a simple leaf, with a yellow color that is growing.

Announcing that his life time has already reached its limit.

His stay on the ground is nothing more than the symbol of a completed cycle and another that begins.

Nature and its stuff.

It is so perfect that many do not understand it.


All the pictures were taken by me, with my SAMSUNG J7 Prime cell phone